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We help Third Place businesses, like bars, cafes, breweries and lounges reach their revenue potential.

The What

The Impact3rd Research Collective is a research and training organization. Our Mission?  To research and package tools and information that help third place businesses thrive. Bars, cafes, gyms, salons, and taverns especially have been massively disrupted by recent events of 2020.  We use our findings to educate business leaders on new-age marketing and cultural theories that help  Third Places Businesses positively impact their community, reach their potential, and drastically increase revenue.

The Who

Managers and Operators of Third Place businesses (bars, taverns, lounges, cafes, even gyms, salons, and shops) are currently dealing with the biggest disruption these industries have ever seen. We help by filtering and unpacking the leading minds in marketing, business, and culture then providing and packaging the material in a digestible, relatable, and executable way.  Small business owners have a lot to worry about, we can handle the marketing and culture training material, education, and research to keep them up to date and set them up for maximum profits.

Why the Third Place?

Human connection in proximity is essential to our happiness and we need Third Place style businesses to foster and create environments that help us create meaningful connections with like-minded people.  Businesses that provide these connections are going through massive changes and disruptions right now.  COVID-19 brought serious challenges to the industry.  We are here to help, provide information, education, training, and coach business leaders through these changes with the mission to leave the industry better than how we found it.

The Results?


Increase in Team Member Happiness


Average Increase in Revenue


Increase in Customer Experience Satisfaction

Culture Bootcamp

Culture is everything in third place. The way your staff interacts with the customer, the energy in the room, the language and communication skills of each team member, is essential to helping create a Third Place environment.

Manager to Marketer Bootcamp

Marketing the Third Place is a science, takes consistency, creativity, and a mission. This 8 week Bootcamp is actively coached by our senior team helping turn manages of Third Places into Marketers.  Helping turn already effective owners into revenue and profit-driving machines.  Our team of experienced marketers and operators have researched the hell out of new-age marketing science and have packaged it nicely in a program that delivers the material piece by piece for exactly your industry. 

The world’s most comprehensive marketing education program for managers of Third Places, guaranteed to increase revenue.

Revenue Masters

Many businesses have managers that run every day marketing, create the culture through meetings and energy, and lead the business in customer experiences.  Some business owners do all of this themselves, PLUS literally everything else.  Our coaching program is designed to allow for a long term approach to training and optimal marketing, at the pace needed for the business owner, month after month. Whether it’s training your managers quickly for fast results, or giving you the support you need to wear all the hats AND still maximize revenue. 

Entrepreneurs & Operators

COVID-19 has presented a massive disruption in our industry.  There are tools, models, mindsets, and information that can help you and your team execute on a new, more profitable, and better future.  Our team is committed to your success, hell-bent on making an massive impact on the people in this industry.  We ask for your advice and support as we navigate our future.  Join us, contribute, and create wealth for your team.  

Our Training Attacks From All Angles

Daily Education

Each day you’ll receive bits of a larger education mission to help your business thrive.

Daily Action Items

Each day you’ll receive daily action items to apply what you’re learning to your business.


You’ll get plugged into a community of like-minded operators to share ideas and learn from each other.

Coaching Support

You’ll be appointed a professional coach to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our mission is to learn from our experience together to better impact the industry.

What people are saying

This is, by far, the most comprehensive research to benefit the space I’ve ever come across.  The tools, ideas, and tactics the Bootcamp provides have created a money-making machine for us.

– Jeffery Loock – Manager

The industry is in disarray, people are stressed and struggling to survive, this program is the way.  I challenge any owner or operator to participate and watch your business transform. Truly amazing work. 

– Chuck Schoninger – Owner and Investor

This program literally changed the entire atmosphere and culture of my businesses to a degree I never thought possible. My staff is happier, everyone is making money, and the entire experience has been a blast!

– Robert Fain – Owner/Operator

Manager to Marketer Bootcamp

A comprehensive daily training method guarantee to help your business thrive, raise revenue, and give your team the mission they need to create maximum impact.
The worlds most comprehensive marketing education program for managers guaranteed to increase revenue.

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